Thursday, July 21

NASA Juno Tweetup

I haven't updated this thing in the longest time! It's not that I don't have much to say; rather a problem expressing the amount of it.

In June I registered for a NASA Tweetup event at Kennedy Space Center, of course thinking my chances diminutive. Lo and behold I was selected and invited to watch the launch of Juno and meet engineers, scientists and other NASA fans. 150 people from all over the place are meeting up to revel in our shared interest, soak up the fun, and learn lots more about NASA's current and future plans. It'll be my first time at a rocket launch, and fulfilling my life-long dream of going to Kennedy Space Center. When I was little my father always used to say we were going to see a shuttle launch when I turned 12. It never happened, and for obvious reasons, never will.

I'm already getting to know the other participants (or "space tweeps"), who are the most generous, helpful and enthusiastic people, and I'm looking very, very much forward to going there. I haven't had much money all summer, but damn well am I cracking my savings account open for this opportunity. Hopefully someone will be interested in helping me share the story with local media as well.

I'll probably be posting some thoughts around space and science in the upcoming weeks (or rather, fourteen days – that countdown clock takes my breath away every time!), from the layman's perspective of a humanist, anyway. Some of it may be in Norwegian, but I realise I have somewhat of a duty to impart on these grounds, too.

When I told people "So, today I got this email from NASA..." they all gave me this look of disbelief ("Oh no, she's gone really crazy this time"), but it's really happening! I think. I hope. I'm pretty sure.


  1. Gratulerer så sykt sykt mye Benedicte! :)

  2. congratulations!!! i hope you'll have a great time!

  3. that is seriously amazing. congratulations!