Wednesday, March 17

From flickr


did someone say "tuna"?!


Tooth 02

Tooth 01


  1. Sorry to post so many comments, but the first picture is so, so, great!

    Tell me more about the airplane? Is it made of aluminium?

  2. Don't worry about it. :) Your cat is lovely too, what a lady.

    I don't know about the little airplane, the material seems more flimsy that aluminium, but it is a kind of light metal. It was part of a decorative mobile that my father was going to throw out, that had seven of these airplanes on bent wires, bobbing up and down and around like real airplanes. Kind of like the scene in "King Kong" where the planes are circling Empire State Building.

  3. Hm, I bet it's some sort of tin.

    I'm glad you saved it from going to the trash. It's very neat. Did you get all seven?

  4. Also, if you would like to be Facebook friends (assuming you use it), feel free to add me.


  5. Whose tooth is that? O_o :)

  6. Most of the other planes were broken from being in storage for a while, but I got two!

    That is my wisdom tooth! The only one they got out in one piece.

  7. Oh yes, I understand! They had to get mine out in pieces, too!

  8. I love the plane! And your blog is wonderful!

    Thank you for your lovely comments, they warmed my heart!

  9. Ja katt er det beste tilbehør! HEIHEI!