Monday, February 15

Joanna Newsom: new album

The new Joanna Newsom album, gratuitously named Have One On Me, sounds incredibly good so far; some of the songs have been played live and swim around as bootlegs/YouTube-rips, and now her record label has published the track "Kingfisher" for streaming at the website. Listen here! Two other tracks were available for streaming over the past weeks, so you've got to be quick. Pedantic googling does yield results, though.

The entire album amounts to a triple CD set clocking in at over two hours! I'm all tingly and excited for her crooning and yelping and yawning and harping. Also, the cover is delightfully 2010, but evokes nostalgic reminiscences of those grand LP covers from the 70s and late 60s, too. Not to mention the font makes me think of the infamous movie poster for A Clockwork Orange, a mix of the glorious, the sinister, the animalistic, angelic and eclectic, which I hope serves as a reflection of Newsom's music as well.

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