Thursday, January 14

January Things

I have some news for you all.

a) Joanna Newsom's new album "Have One on Me" is scheduled for release the 23rd of February! Some of the new songs she has been playing at gigs since releasing "Ys" have been so breathtakingly beautiful, I hope some of they make it onto the album (allegedly recorded in Tokyo).

b) Some of my new favourite blogs:

Aknebrud - Norwegian design and illustration company.
Child of the Moon - with an obsession for the 60s, and an impressive ability to dig up rare photos of our (anti-)heroes.
Revel in New York - art and popular culture in New York, from hipsters to found, vintage photos, obscure films, music and artists.
And check out this article on CSD Architecten on, and one of their buildings in Antwerp.

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