Sunday, June 28

Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul, studying to be an architect in USA.

Sitting outside today I finished a book about Swedish diplomat and righteous gentile Raoul Wallenberg (whom Albert Einstein outed as his candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize), who after contributing to saving the largest remaining Jewish community in Budapest from deportation to know fates, was arrested by the soviets and plunged into the abyss of their camps. Where Eichmann and the Nazis were painstakingly organized and noted every name of a deportee, the Soviets were scatterbrained - "disappearing" someone meant pushing them into the dark and never having them see the outside of the barbed wire fence again, not even noting their name or death, lost in confusion and disease.

He may or may not have died, he may have died in 1947 or 1965 or 1987 - his belongings were returned to the family 1989, sightings of him - or a "swede" - or some "foreign diplomat" - were made in Lubyanka, Vladimir, Vorkuta and Wrangel Island in these four decades. His considerable commitment to saving 100,000 didn't mean he himself should not come to share the fate of another million (or ten).

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