Monday, June 8

Feminist Heroes, pt. 2

Aside from more classic totems of beauty inspiration, such as Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tautou, Anna Karina, Coco Chanel; there are some women that means to be desired because of that extra pang in your chest you feel when you look at them, their hypnotic power, their exuding confidence, the feminine grace with the "stomach and heart of a man", that luckily overshadow entirely that you couldn't really care less for their face or what they're wearing.

Lauren Bacall:

Film noir starlet, Bogie-sidekick, naughty and nice all at once. I wish I had her attitude.

Dostoevsky's Grushenka and Nastassia Filippovna:

In Dostoevsky's novels, the harlots are always the ones with their chin up, the attitude, standing up for themselves and themselves only (not selflessly like Sonya Marmeladova, but more because they're not dependent on anyone else, alternatively struggling to break free).

Virginia Woolf:

I have a framed photo of her on my wall, people tell me she isn't pretty, but she could be Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Zappho; she makes me want to be a 1920s bohême and tortured soviet soul.

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  1. lauren bacall is amazing. especially her voice, if i could chose whose voice i'd want to have it wuld be hers. even though it wouldn't fit with the rest fo me.