Saturday, May 9

Regina Spektor, "Far": tracklist and new single!

Regina Spektor published the tracklist for her new album and a new single on her MySpace!

1. The Calculation
2. Eet
3. Blue Lips
4. Folding Chair
5. Machine
6. Laughing With
7. Human of the Year
8. Two Birds
9. Dance Anthem
10. Genius next door
11. Wallet
12. One more time with feeling
13. Man of a Thousand Faces

"Laughing With" is a beautiful, melancholy track which chronicles people's different relationships to God, from fundamentalists to those seeking comfort in faith during emergencies (No laughs at God in a hospital, no one's laughing at God when they're starving or freezing or so very poor). It is a surprisingly religious track from Jewish Regina, whose previously "religious" tracks have been poking fun at how close-minded and judgmental religious people can be (such as in "Baby Jesus").

I'm one of those irritating purists who didn't even buy Begin to Hope in sheer disappointment, after those quirky and idiosyncratic albums that preceded it, I'm one of those who listen to bootlegs for the most part and cherish those one-of-a-kind copies of The Virgin Queen and Mustard Musketeers. In her new album, due 23rd June, Spektor for the first time (I think?) has recorded songs that haven't been played in shows for years before. And yet with the recording of Blue Lips, Human of the Year, Two Birds (possibly A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is?), Dance Anthem, One More Time With Feeling and Man of a Thousand Faces I'm thinking we might see the most beautiful, melancholy and grand album yet, and back to Regina and the piano by themselves.

"Björk-meets-Pushkin"s new album can be pre-ordered from amazon in both ordinary and special editions.

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