Monday, May 4

Passing on the word of Lindy Hop

Miriam from Miriams kafferep already blogged about the recent death of Frankie Manning, so did Sociological Images, with an interesting angle on the origins of Lindy Hop and trans-racial borrowing.

Frankie Manning can be seen in the clip below, as the dancer in overalls. He also choreographed the scene.

Lindy Hop constitutes a celebration of jazz, swing, acrobatics, but as explained in the post by Sociological Images, presents a rather strange appropriation of black culture by white people. As it is explained, the lindy hop scene from Hellzapoppin' was, like most other films from the era, made so that the scene with the black artists could be edited out when shown to white people sensitive to positive representations of African-Americans.

Rest in peace, old man.

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