Monday, May 4

Empty Words

This year's "Fritt Ord" (Free Word) award, which is a yearly stipend and honour-and-laud prize, was awarded to philosopher and writer Nina Karin Monsen for her "thoroughly reflected and independent contributions to a freer, public debate" (sorry, my bad translation). She has, in both debates and fiction, been writing about how homosexuals are comparable to mentally retarded, how disgusting and vulgarised they are, and how no child should grow up without same-sex parents. Not only are her views appalling, but giving her a prize? and 400.000 NOK? I can understand that she, too, should have the right of freedom of speech, but does this mean that next year's prize should go to the Neo Nazis for their bold and liberating approach to the immigration debate?

There is a petition you can sign to protest here: Link

And on May 5, when the prize is ceremoniously awarded in the opera, LLH (The Norwegian LGBT Organisation) is arranging a protest on the opera roof, with appeals, entertainment and awarding of the "Empty Word" prize.


  1. strange..found this entry typing "sweden nazi swing" in google. BTW I am one of the zebras you met on friday ;-)

  2. haha what? I honestly cannot remember meeting any zebras on Friday. And I wasn't that drunk.