Saturday, April 4

We're not afraid 'cause we know what you are...

This is The Engineers' House in Oslo, according to Wikipedia drawn by functionalist duo Eivind Moestue and Ole Lind Schistad in 1931 (who also made Ingierstrand Bad). It is only fitting that it received it's moniker and it reminds me of some of those constructivist buildings in dilapidated suburbs of St. Petersburg.

I've wondered about this building for years, Munkedamsveien 35, it has such an enticing conical shape and crescent balconies. My persistence/google-fu finally payed off and I found out that it was built in 1934 and used to be a print shop. This annoying flash website has some more photos, as well as details on how the 8th floor was replaced in the 80s and the tower was built in 1992 (which was actually quite disappointing to learn, haha). The picture below was screen-capped from a Norwegian street view map.

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