Thursday, April 16

Russian Cinema on YouTube

If you have interest whatsoever in cinema history, science fiction or Soviet aesthetics, "Aelita" is inevitable. Someone I cannot remember once said that a unibrowed, three-breasted Queen of Mars has never been this entrancing.

...If only see it for it's marvellous constructivist set and costume designs by Alexandra Exter. Some of them are decidedly unpractical, but fiercely futuristic. I feel like I'd rather want to wear Aelita's costume when I eventually become famous and is invited to galas and can hang out with Anna Piaggi. If you buy it on DVD in Russia they've probably added some godawful midi-soundtrack, put it on mute and add music of your choice.

Get started watching here:
Part 1

If you feel lazy, you can watch this collage, with music by Finnish band Cleaning Women (how befitting! My profession).

I love Aelita's unhesitating tenderness, and the fact that they make a communist revolution on Mars.

I think this was one of the first films I saw on youtube; Soviet puppet animation "Varezhka" (The Mitten), with its charmingly upbeat and jazzy soundtrack and adorable set. It reminds me of all the crazy Czech cartoons I would watch as a child.

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