Wednesday, April 29

Bullet Point List

Sign the Petition to Preserve the National Gallery!

There is a proposition up that discusses moving the Oslo National Gallery to another building near the seaside, together with other museums. The National Gallery has a long history in its current building, with the French tea salon and beloved paintings like Munch's "The Scream". What would people say if they had suddenly decided to abandon the Louvre, or Guggenheim museum?

The petition suggests exhibiting modern and contemporary art in the new building, whilst preserving the classic paintings in the old building at Tullinløkka. (And believe me, that place is a veritable tourist magnet in summer).

Sign, sign, sign!


I found most amazing thing at a flea market; a booklet on the Oslo suburbs, drabantbyene. I have this incredible fascination for Oslo's architectural history, especially the suburbs. Before WWII most of the area surrounding Oslo was farmlands, fields and forests. In 1935 or 1937, at the height of the Stalinist purges, the Oslo City Council allegedly sent a delegation to the Soviet Union to study buildings, and a lot of these plans were set into life after the war. The concrete and brutalism was not taken lightly, these were the first "sleeping cities" of their kind in the country and criticised for being cold, forbidding, suppressing human nature etc.

They have their beauty, though.

It isn't Russia, it's Veitvet!


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  1. Det var skikkelig fine bilder i den boka, kan jeg komme inn på rommet ditt en gang og titte?

  2. This is a great post because a) what a shame about the National Gallery, do they want to revive the seaside or something and build a museum district? Like, around the new opera?
    b) your sewing skills are great, that dress is very pretty. c) I keep buying books as well even though I have to store them on the floor by now.

  3. this sounds so typical - i heard they are taking down the holmenkollen-ski-thing to built it up somewhere else as well, where one cannot see it from town. which seems really stupid.

    you made some great find at the fleamarket! could you tell me where the best fleamarkets in oslo are? my boyfriend lives there, so i am in oslo quite often, but i have never managed to go to any fleamarket yet, and i would so much love to do so! thank you!
    by the way, i just found your blog yesterday and i really like it.

  4. Frøydis: kom, kom, jeg må bare rydde litt først. Jeg lever i en slags sykdomsboble om dagen.

    Dot: Yes, they're moving most of the big museums into new buildings near the opera. I like the idea of new modernist architecture and having a cultural district, but think of the wonderful buildings they're leaving behind, that were made for the purpose. :( The proud, classicist, Deichman library, the Munch Museum that showed tourists the beautiful, green Tøyen next to the Botanical Garden, ah.

    fröken lila: Mhm, they're in the process of building Holmenkollen in the same place as before, but it is pretty strange to gaze up on the hillside when there is no ski jump there!

  5. ok, then i guess i got something wrong from the papers about holmenkollen..
    thanks for all the information on the fleamarkets! i'll be in oslo next weekend and saw that amongst others there'll be one at voxen skole. i have no clue where that is, but apparently the bus going there leaves in front of my boyfriend's house so i'll try to find it and go there. tack!