Sunday, March 8

Sviatoslav Richter playing Grieg

I love old, creaky recordings, fragments of time past remaining, preserved on wax rolls and primitive technology. Images that dissolve on the halfway creating crudely contrasted images, it's amazing to think that it has survived at all.

This is a 1968 recording, probably made by Norwegian State Broadcasting, of Sviatoslav Richter playing the 3rd Movement from Grieg's Piano Concert in A-minor. For all my female readers, today! Happy 8th of March.

PS, International Woman's Day per se was initiated in USA by the Socialist Party of America, following the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (inspired by which the group Rasputina made a song some years ago, named "My Little Shirtwaist Fire"). The exploitation these immigrant women workers experienced, not surprisingly, is an unbroken, consistent line in this world.