Thursday, March 19

Regina Spektor: "Far" June 2009?

The other evening I wanted to make a post about Regina Spektor's new album, and how I cannot wait for it; lo and behold - according to Pitchfork it is coming out in June! I am so unbelievably stoked; old favourites like Blue Lips, The Wallet, Genius Next Door and an entirely new song named The Calculation might just be on it.

Though however much I admire Russian-born-and-bred Regina, "Begin to Hope" (2006) disappointed me ever so slightly because it just didn't sound like what I had been listening to since the early 2000s, her sound was fleshed out with alien beats, bleeps and toys. New producers new times nevertheless. I think she has a point when she says that it is irrevocably her music.

Cover of John Lennon's Real Love:

PS: Go here for more videos, I adore the CBS Sunday Morning and Musikbyrån interviews, and the official video for "Us".


  1. I love regina and thank goodness we do not have to wait too long for Regina's music


  2. hun er fantastisk og har så mye fint å fortelle.

  3. thanks. i hadn't heard this version before. one of my favourite post-beatles lennon songs, definitely. too bad mark chapman didn't put that damn bullet in his own skull insted of lennon's!

  4. I'll look at John Lennon and think that one of the most inexplicable things in this world was that someone wanted to kill him.