Saturday, February 21

by:Larm - Thursday

It's that time of year again.

By:larm is a three day music festival in central Oslo, with more than 500 gigs, by bands from the Nordic countries; primarily unknown, budding artists.

The first gig I went to was with lovely, lovely Our Broken Garden. She played all of my favourite songs.

Then there was Rockettothesky, my music obsession as of late. She wore an oversized men's shirt, and mentioned it as a homage to a book "you may have read, or not". Acoustic she sounds like slow motion New Wave.

And then Thomas Eick Quartet, which I hadn't listened to before, but proved to be incredibly talented musicians, with a particular ear for beautiful dissonance.

I also saw Now we've got members, but I frankly thought their music was a bit monotonous. Perhaps you simply need to be in the mood for impro bhangra?

Lullabies from Hanne Hukkelberg; her new album is released in April. I loved Rykestrasse 69 so much, but some of her new songs sound like something I could have heard on the radio in 2001. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to hearing what the mastered record sounds like.

She's adorable and has a wonderful voice.


  1. nice pictures! (and i thought i'll be the only one to have pics of our broken garden..)

  2. I think there were a few people taking pictures, actually. :) Were you the one with the big, professional-looking camera? If so, no wonder, I have a small compact camera that hardly takes up space.

  3. erm, no. it was a borrowed compact, although an advanced one. i was all the way down, anyway. first i was so glad that i can take pictures of anna from such proximity but after a while the intimacy of the show scared me off behind one of the monitors where i sat the whole time and took about 50 pictures (sadly, they got stuck on my memory card and are being recovered by a specialist these days).

  4. I like the pictures of Hanne! I've been playing Rykestrasse for a couple of weeks non stop, it's so hypnotic. I really love the way she uses such non-typical sounds and instruments. Hopefully she'll be back in the UK soon.

  5. Hey!

    Bit weird, but I was wondering if you could tell me how I can get a BY:LARM armband.

    My nickname is Larm, and it'd be SO COOL if I could get one... also, what are they amde of? :D

    Please reply ASAP and to!