Sunday, February 22

by:Larm - Saturday


Saturday was pretty sweet. I wore a 1940s crêpe dress and stood around at Stratos at the top of Oslo and saw Rockettothesky again, she is beyond words, I think she can be immense.

One of the band members played guitar with a bow.

Einar Stray is barely 18 and played multi-instrumental indiepop. It left something to be desired, but I guess that would be maturity. This is his violinist friend:

Hajen, beautiful Hajen, she sounds like Cat Power, or Regina Spektor.

Detektivbyrån was the evening's climax, they played an amazing tight set, they're energetic and professional, they're a parallell universe to 1970s black&white aesthetics, Yann Tiersen deciding to play electronica instead of the piano, and fabulous, trippy destinies at Montmartre.

Lama was beautiful too, I just want to put him in my pocket.

Just like in Orlando, when during great darkness a cat was mistaken for coals and shoved on the fire, I was mistaken for a BBC journalist and Swedish singer Maia Hirasawa. I was even thanked for my wonderful concert last night. I think my face is of that sort that could be anything, anywhere; in absence of features I have projection.


  1. lovely photos!
    have you got any more from Einar Stray?

  2. if so. please send to: