Saturday, February 21

by:Larm - Friday

I didn't have a lot on my to-do list last night and I ended up partly confused and bored, oh well.

I first went to see Kaja Bremnes, because she's been hyped terribly by all the newspapers. It was desperately boring, sorry to say; imagine Björk singing country in infantile English, without ever having been Björk. Before the Frida Hyvönen gig I checked out Ballrogg, an experimental jazz duo, which was equally disappointing. Perhaps I just didn't "get it", but it sounded like when I do bad Sofia Gubaidulina impressions in GarageBand.

So I didn't expect much when I went to see miss Hyvönen, I've always found her a bit boring, but fascinating still. And she was marvellous, cabaret calibre!

Jenny Wilson played in the tent on the square, she is incredible -- she played only new songs, I'm willing to bet she's the Swedish Aretha Franklin. Funky and sophisticated and soulful.

I made a short video clip, pardon the useless sound quality:

By chance I ended up at a heavy rock concert with some friends of friends, before we headed off to Stratos at the top of the old opera house, the swankiest club in Oslo, in a 1930s art deco "skyscraper". I ended up alone but it was cool, I stalked Erlend Øye and walked all the way home.

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