Friday, February 27

Autumn/Winter 09; favourites

Some favourites:
- 1960s suits with knee high skirts and jackets that are snug on the shoulders (suits! what I'd wear for those elusive job interviews I am never called in for)
- black cotton dresses with nipped waists and embroidery
- structures (collage borrowed from Jaleh; merci)
- belted cardigans and blazers
- boldly coloured jumpers under 3/4 sleeve coats
- white gloves, grey and black berets with bows or sequins
- cute, detachable collars for dresses
- matching coats and dresses
- patterned dresses under simple, structured coats
- feather fascinators
- trapeze dresses
- schoolboy influences; collars, cardigans
- pairing patterns in somewhat similar colours
- shirts and collared jumpers under dresses
- sexy dresses with prudish & practical cowl neck shawls
- knitted trousers! I've always wanted to knit a pair of trousers
- 50s circle skirts

This is so fascinating, clothing as craftsmanship. A lot of these items are so painstakingly well constructed and beautiful I'm almost willing to live on dust and water and the public library for the sake of them.


  1. oh I wish I had gobs of money to buy it all

  2. I hope that at some point in my life I will have the means and conscience to buy clothing that is art/art in the form of clothing.

  3. what an awesome list. good choices, i love everything and i also wish i had enough money to buy it all :)

    and of course i dont mind if you use my collage, i'm happy it was of use to someone!