Sunday, January 4

Bauhaus #3: Women at Bauhaus


  1. This is a revealing slice through Bauhaus. Those on the stairs take on the appearance that they were behind the scenes, their presence lost to the few repeated images of the school and its protagonists. Are these pictures together in the book or did you put them together?

  2. All the Bauhaus pictures are from the same book, but I compiled them for the sake of convenience.

    They are; so many students of the Bauhaus were just the machinations that kept it all moving, like a reflection of our society. I wonder what they think of it, if they are still alive.

  3. guau!!! amazing, thank you for the photos, not very diferent from actuality

  4. Стеклянная Гармоника мультфильм / Стеклянная Гармоника

  5. Great photos. You mentioned that they're from a book.
    Please let me know the title, and if it lists the image sources
    in the book. Thanks.


  6. That is how i met you in the first place.
    "Still feels like you are a classmate of mine.
    From another life. So we grew in different directions." [Улыбка 1]

    ps. starting to miss your breakfast photographs here [Улыбка 2]