Monday, December 8


Inspired by the rest of the blogosphere I'm going to implore you to visit some other blogs I really like (from my list on the left, here):

Andrea (no): writes beautifully crafted poetry with profound emotional roots.

Design & typo le blog (fr): French blog on everything about design and typography, be it contemporary of five centuries old.

Flamme forlag (no): these lads are the cat's pajamas, and run the nicest DIY publishing house in (dare I say) the world. Their blog is abundant in hipsterdom I can only dream of, alas.

Frøydis (no): promises you eternal rhubarb and is the best girl I know, she looks at every little detail of daily life, preferably from the side, somewhat diagonally.

Garance Doré (fr): impeccable photography and French street style.

Gille Krivich (ru): hailing from Ukraine this russophone lady is the new Egon Schiele, master of analogue photography and edgy fashion inspiration.

Glamourbibliotekaren (no): intelligent inspiration and attention to the small (and thus most important) things in life.

Hannah (eng): beautiful Hannah has an extraordinary eye for all things pleasurable.

Inger Johanne (eng): my classmate, examining reality with a sharp tongue and wit, and lots of lovely pictures of our ersatz hometown.

Julie (eng): also a partner in crime of mine, with tender and intimate descriptions of everyday life.

Liebe Marlene (eng): magical vintage style inspiration.

Linn (no): Linn is Oslo incarnate, braiding the love of a young woman together with urban life, reading like a novel.

Mikhailych (eng): presenting his own translations of Russian poetry, often by less-known authors.

Nio till fem (sw): Sandra from Stockholm lives a beautiful, fairytale life.

Rune (no): debuted as a novelist this autumn, also writes here, with a literate, sharp author's eye.

Sit Down Man, You're a Bloody Tragedy (eng): informative and incredibly well-formulated observations of modernist architecture and its role today.

Snezhnost (eng/ru): a Swede in Norwegian exile, studying Russian and posting (to my great relief) grammar points enlightening the overwhelmingly complex Russian grammar.

The Sartorialist (eng): pretty much soi-disant, The Sartorialist is our favourite fashion photographer (perhaps because he photographs us).

Vegard (no): also a classmate, reporting from the Eastern Front back to our umbrella socialist party with an extraordinarily sharp wit.


  1. takk for de fine ordene om bloggen min, og takk for fine tips om andre blogger. jeg leser!

  2. thanks a-lot. and it's a good thing you're coming back to oslo, i think, even though nothing much has changed around here while you've been away.

  3. Åh, takk for beskrivelsen av meg. Wow. Du er flott, gleder meg til du kommer hjem.

  4. Том и Джери - Мотор! мультфильм / Tom and Jarry - The Movie