Saturday, December 27

Elsa Schiaparelli: the intrinsic link of fashion and art

I've found it hard to find reproductions of Elsa Schiaparelli's works online, but tonight I stumbled across the Philadelphia Museum of Art's collection of Schiaparelli's avant-garde, surrealist works. She was greatly inspired by Dali (who collaborated with her on the infamous lobster dress) and Jean Cocteau.

The gallery.

Some of my favourites, taken from the aforementioned website:

The trompe l'oeil jumpers, late 1920s.


  1. Merci, j'adore Schiaparelli - quel culot.

  2. 'Combien d'hommes profondément distraits pénétrèrent dans des trompe-l'oeil et ne sont pas revenus.'
    jean cocteau the dandy


  3. Love that bright, illustration-like material on the dress near the top, and those gloves ... I'm tempted to make something similar

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  5. sonia delaunay would be up there as well, no?

  6. Anonymous: yes, Delaunay and of course other artists cum costume designers, like Alexandra Exter, Bakst, Benois, Goncharova, Yuri Annenkov (about whom I'm making a post in five minutes!). The Russian constructivists also had the prime priority of making art useful, and many avant-garde artists (e.g. Varvara Stepanova) were employed in textile factories where they made sportswear and workclothes.

    Hannah: I love pen pals! I'll write you an email shortly. :)

  7. Пробуждение Жизни мультфильм / Waking Life

  8. she is SO genius! I love the gloves and lobster dress!