Wednesday, December 31

Anonymous comments

I finally found out how to permit anonymous comments the other day, I appreciate any sort of feedback and I'm glad to give the opportunity to those who won't show their name too! I hope the face that I have neglected this hasn't deterred anyone from following my blog.

I'm going to make a huge Bauhaus post one of these days; this summer I bought a wonderful book edited by Jeannine Fiedler, and finally got around to making some scans (i.e. photographing the pages whilst sitting in bed).

Following up yesterday's theme, here is a Natalia Goncharova illustration, for a constructivist flapper dress. I'd wear it tonight if I could, but I might just put on a crazy, lime-green 1970s princess dress instead.


  1. my friend worked at the lacma costume museum archives (conservation) and i saw a fair bit of N. Goncharova's stuff up close - mostly stage costumes. they did an interesting show back then called ballet russe & its impact upon fashion. had erte, bakst originals paired with poiret & worth pieces from around the time.

  2. That sounds very cool. Le ballet russe was also used as a concept for a few shows at the Mariinsky theatre this autumn, it's good to see it kept alive.

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