Saturday, November 22

Breakfast at Tiffany's

The other day I finished reading Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I remember seeing the film many years ago, only to find it a bit dull. Also, the character of Holly Golightly is incredibly downplayed in the cinematic adaption. I imagined her to be more of a Jean Seberg-sort of girl, Audrey Hepburn's gentleness doesn't really reflect the lost misery of Holly. It is a sad story, there is nothing admirable about Holly Golightly, she is stuck in childhood, her own bubble of desolation -- she is stranded in the vast expanses of her own imagination, a sort of sexual vortex. And how can we not fall in love with her, too.

Capote might have seen himself in the role of doe-eyed, crop-haired, promiscious Holly.

And what girls wore their hair short in the 1940s anyway?

But I really did enjoy the book.


  1. it is a great book. one of my favourites. capote is one of my favourite writers, for all that. and audrey is great, but she is just not holly.

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