Monday, November 17

Солнце ниже...

Three overused phrases, or "language-parasites":

№ 1. Чаще всего ("more often than anything")
№ 2. Речь идёт ("the tongue is walking", i.e. the word's going around/concerning/we're talking about a specific thing or other; to be frank I don't really know what it means yet, but then again, I don't get the feeling that anyone else does either.)
№ 3. Кашмар ("calamity")

A woman on the marshrutka was complaining about the state of St. Petersburg, with its ubiquitous construction sites: "All this building, building, building, I'm telling you, St. Petersburg has turned into Moscow." At least I get the feeling that Russian construction workers get something done; in a day they had dug up and paved the corner of Nevsky and Suvorovsky.

Saturday afternoon I finished reading Akhmatova's Rekviem and promptly stood up, slipped on my shoes and coat and walked to the prison across the river, where she stood for three hundred hours those seventeen months and waited for her son;

And if at some point in time, in this land
They are moved to think of a monument to me,

My consent to this triumph I give,
But only on the condition that: it shall not stand

Neither by the sea, where I was born
(The last bond to the sea broken)

Nor in the tsar's garden, by the hidden stub,
Where the inconsolable shadow seeks me

But here...

The hot water is gone. I boil water in the tea kettle and pour it over my head with a saucepan to wash my hair. I am small enough to sit in the laundry basin to take a bath, there is something charmingly old-fashioned about it. I'm glad I don't have long hair anymore. I'm thinking of cutting what I have left even shorter.

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