Wednesday, November 5


Sometimes I wonder if the grim picture Western media paints of Russia isn't entirely true. In fact I think the media has a rather sensationalist, black and white aproach to things, particularly Norwegian newspapers. I'm a fierce propagater of anti-nationalism, I'd be very hesitant to say that I am in any way "proud" of my country, or speak of mother- and fatherlands for that matter. But in any case I always argue that conditions in Norway (and oh, the beloved social-democracy) aren't necessarily readily applied to other states.

Russia is only now opening up to the modernist ideas that each human, regardless of political orientation (in so far as this doesn't necessitate the oppression of other groups), gender, sexual preference or ethnicism, is allowed the same right to voice their opinion. The St. Petersburg Times reported yesterday that the anti-nationalist rally gathered far more support than the simultaneous nationalist rally, and one of the latter had been banned by the authorities. Baby steps, my dear. Baby steps.

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