Friday, October 31


The phenomenon Aktionsart or lexical aspect in Russian language entails the infinite shades of meaning a verb can take on by the meagre addition of one-syllable affixation. The prefixes and suffixes denote a modification of the verb's character, to indicate the action's beginning and end, duration, frequency and with what attitude the action was executed. The examples are magnificent, and most Russians themselves have no idea that the Scandinavian philologists have developed such a passion for categorising their verbs. For instance:

Razboltatsia - to get the chatterbox going. Evolutive aspect; action is defined as beginning, and then carrying on with increasing frequency.

Doigratsia - play until you're absolutely sick of it. Ironic-resultative aspect; something is being done for such a long time that you're left with a result you didn't want in the first place.

Pokrikivat' - rail about a little bit, every now and then. Diminutive-iterative aspect; action takes place for a short time, several times, and with a certain degree of enjoyment.

We've started making up our own aspects, like obsessive-compulsive aspect; doing something with great frequency because you feel compelled to, but no enjoyment is involved. Or things you do when intoxicated. As of yet our language skills are too poor to find prefixes and suffixes that may indicate our new aspects, but it'll come with time.

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