Thursday, September 25

St. Petersburg

When scrolling through my iPod I more often end up on The Radio Dept. than Radiohead these days. I went to the Russian Museum and the burning, suprematist sun stares directly into my soul. I would have spent the morning in the Hermitage, but I caught a cold (just as our long-awaited babie leto arrived, what have you!) so I stayed in and my landlady fed me mysterious mixtures that reeked of paracetamol and honey. I eat tvorozhnoe yoghurt every day and drink heaps of grapefruit juice and think I can survive on solely that.

In the museum shop I reached out for an anthology of academic papers on constructivism, and in a blip of film-history cliché I brushed the hand of a young man reaching out for the same book; when I looked at him he was so beautiful that I turned around and walked away, because his face was simply too beautiful to exist in this world order.


  1. стоп! so you're in St. Petersburg now. it's so closely..

  2. Yes, drop me a line if you're visiting «Петра творенье»! I only have a visa for Russia so I cannot go to Ukraine when I'm here, even though it's near.

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