Tuesday, September 2

"Six Tales With Light Endings"

El Lissitzky's illustrations for Ilya Ehrenburg's 1922 publication "Шесть повестей о легких концах" showcase the startling modernity of the early 20s in Russian art. Lissitzky and Ehrenburg also collaborated on the project "My Paris" (which is available from amazon.com). One of Lissitzky's collages notably features a depiction of Vladimir Tatlin working on his "Monument to the Third International".

Click to enlarge.

I found a 10 volume edition of Ilya Ehrenburg's work in a Kharkiv antiquary, in a very nice 60s design, for a friendly price indeed. I have no idea how I should have been able to bring ten tomes of such work home with me, though.


  1. Thanks for the nice illustrations. I remember seeing the maquettes (in colour) for some of these illustrations in "Beyond the Abstract Cabinet" book. Great! Now let's hope that someone will publish a facsimile one day ;)

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